METAL CLAY - The Exhibit


From 16th January until 11th June 2017

Open each day (except 1th May) from 10 to 12.30 and 13.30 to 18

Metal Clay is a relatively recent material developed in Japan in the early 1990s, introduced to the USA in 1994 arriving in France in 2004. Several types of Metal Clay exist today, made of precious metals (silver, gold) or the more recent non-precious metals (bronze, copper, steel ….). This material allows for a new approach to creating metal objects.
Before firing, metal clay is most commonly composed of 90% metal particles and 10% organic binder mixed with water to create a malleable material similar in consistency to that of clay. In the wet state it can be shaped, molded, textured, sculpted … Once the desired shape is obtained, it is left to dry. In the dry state it can be carved, assembled into complex constructions, refined and sanded to create unique objects and jewelry pieces. The object is then fired in a kiln at high temperature. The organic binder is thus burned out and the metal particles fuse resulting in a pure solid metal object. Out of the kiln, the object can be sawed soldered, sanded, polished and can also receive various surface treatments such as patina, oxidation, enamel...

Quite popular in the USA within the fields of contemporary jewelry and arts and crafts, it is still very new on a European scale. This exhibition is the first of its kind. It focuses on giving visibility to both this relatively new material and to artists of international renown who have pushed metal clay to it’s highest potential!

Invited artists : Kim BOOKLASS (Australia), Suzanne McNENLY (Canada), Angela BADUEL CRISPIN, Armelle BURBAUD, Elisabeth LE DANTEC MUNOZ et Evelyne THIERY (France), Noortje MEIJERINK and Helga VAN LEIPSIG (Netherlands), Joy FUNNELL and Tracey SPURGIN (United Kindom), Barbara BECKER SIMON, Pam EAST, Lora HART, Kim NOGUEIRA, Donna PENOYER and Liz SABOL (USA)